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13.04.19 The Caravana is extremely concerned to hear that human rights lawyer Juan Bautista Rivas Ramos was forced to leave Colombia for the United States of America due to continued threats and harassment, including surveillance, harassing phone calls, and death threats. The threats were allegedly connected to his petition before the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights in relation to the Colombian state’s failure to conduct a prompt, independent, impartial, and thorough investigation into the murder of his father, human rights lawyer Domingo José Rivas Coronado. Please, read the letter in English and Spanish

2019.03.13 The Colombian Caravana, the Foundation of the Spanish National Bar Association (Fundación de la Abogacía), the International Observatory of Lawyers, Lawyers for Lawyers and Lawyers’ Rights Watch Canada, concerned about the downscaling of protection measures provided to human rights lawyer, Adil Meléndez. Read the letter in English and Spanish

2019.01.19. Colombian Caravana sent a letter to Colombian Authorities concerned for further threats and harassment towards Ms Gloria Silvia and members of Equipo Jurídico Pueblos (EJP) and other human rights defenders. Read the letter in English and Spanish



2018.12.05 Joint letter in support of Daniel Prado Albarracín, lawyer representing victims in the “12 Apostles” case. Santiago Uribe Vélez, brother of former president and current senator Álvaro Uribe Vélez, stands accused of co-founding this paramilitary group. Daniel Prado has been subject to frequent threats and harrassments due to his involvement in the case. Read the letter in English and Spanish

2018.08.11 Letter of concern regarding the murder of Carlos Jimmy Prado Gallardo, human rights defender and social leader from the department of Nariño. Carlos had previously approached the Colombian Prosecutor’s Office in relation to death threats he had been receiving. Read the letter in English and Spanish

2018.07.04 Letter of concern regarding the killing of land claimant leaders Mario Castaño Bravo and Hernán Bedoya. The Caravana requested the Colombian authorities to conduct a full investigation and address the heightened risk to human rights defenders and social leaders. Read the letter in English and Spanish

2018.05.14 Letter of support of the peace process in Colombia and of concern for the high levels of violence against human rights defenders and social leaders. Read the letter in English and Spanish

2018.02.04 OIDHACO network of 36 European organisations, including Caravana, request that the Colombian Government and the National Liberation Army (Ejército de Liberación Nacional – ELN) adopt urgent measures to de-escalate the conflict and avoid any military action putting civilians at risk. Read the letter in English here and Spanish here.

2018.02.04 Letter of concern regarding the killing of two land claimant leaders. The first killing was on 26 November 2017, the victim was Mario Castaño Bravo, a land claimant leader of Curvaradó. Read the letter in English and Spanish


2017.11.22 Letter of concern addressed to the National Protection Unit requesting protection measures for Gilberto Torres, who continues to receive further harassment. Read the letter in Spanish here.

2017.09.18 Letter of concern regarding further threats and harassment toward Soraya Gutiérrez, member of José Albear Restrepo Lawyers Collective (CAJAR). Read the letter in English here and Spanish here

2017.09.05 Letter of concern regarding an attack on premises of Luis Carlos Pérez Lawyers Collective (Corporación Colectivo de Abogados Luis Carlos Perez or CCALCP) in Cúcuta. Read the letter in English here and Spanish here.

2017.06.06 Caravana and other international organisations concerned about risk faced by Equipo Jurídico Pueblos. Read the letter in English here and in Spanish here.

2017.05.29 Letter in support of Equipo Jurídico Pueblos’ request for urgent intervention in the Chiriguaná case. Read the letter in English here and in Spanish here.

2017.05.25 The Caravana is concerned about Gilberto Torres’ safety and has written to the Colombian authorities in support of his request for protection measures (en Español)

2017.03.22 The Caravana and other organisations part of the International Caravana of Jurists, concerned about increased paramilitary presence. Read the letter in English here and Spanish here

2017.02.28 Urgent alert: serious concern about killings and attacks against lawyers in Cali, Valle del Cauca department (en Español

2017.02.23 Caravana is concerned about the murder of HRD Emilsen Manyoma and her partner in Buenaventura, Valle del Cauca (en Español)

2017.02.08 OIDHACO welcomes the commencement of peace discussions between the Colombian Government and the National Liberation Army (ELN) (en Español)

2017.01.23 Caravana along with 94 organisations around the world condemn the assassination of social leader Aldemar Parra García in the mining region of Cesar.


2016.12.21 Caravana sends a letter to the Colombian Public Prosecutor about the crimes allegedly committed by military members against female farmers in Valle del Cauca region (en Español)

2016.12.14 Caravana sends a letter to Colombian authorities about the rise in Killings (en Español)

2016.12.12 OIDHACO concerned about rise in HRD killings (en Español)

2016.11.18 Members of the European Parliment welcome new peace agreements with Farc and call for the prompt start of negotiations with the ELN (En Español)

2016.06.23 Lawyers continue to face threats and challenges to their work (en Español)

2016.05.30 Bogota threats and Cartagena attack against HRDs (en Español)

2016.05.19 Multiple threats against human rights defenders in Valle del Cauca (en Español)

2016.04.28 Killing of Hernando Pérez Iriarte and intimidation of members of MOVICE Sucre (en Español)

2016.03.29 Threats faced by Claudia Julieta Duque and Víctor Javier Velásquez Gil (en Español)

2016.02.15 Threats faced by Rommel Durán Castellanos (en Español)

2016.02.04 Theft of laptop containing sensitive information from Tierra Digna offices (en Español)

2016.01.15 Attempted assassination of Adolfo Verbel Rocha (en Español)


2015.12.29 Murder of human rights defender Daniel Abril

2015.11.20 Mass threats to the Cajar Lawyers’ Collective, the Colombian Commission of Jurists, the Yira Castro Legal Corporation and many other human rights defenders here

2015.11.18 Threats and attacks on land restitution judges (en Español)

2015.11.10 Further threats to the National Movement of Victims of State Crimes (Movice) – Sucre and Atlántico región (en Español)

2015.10.08 Francisco Ramírez Cuellar – further concerns for safety (en Español)

2015.10.02 Yessika Hoyos – surveillance and intimidation (en Español)

2015.09.21 Feliciano Valencia – imprisonment of indigenous leader cause for concern – joint letter (en Español)

2015.09.15 David Ravelo Crespo – five years on – still in prison despite grave concerns – joint letter (en Español)

2015.07.15 Paola Andrea Salgado Piedrahita arrest and stigmatisation  (En Español)

2015.07.05 Andrea Torres Bautista   (En Español)

2015.05 José Humberto Torres JOINT STATEMENT Inadmissible Accusations against Human Rights Defender

2015.05.19 Rommel Duran Inadequate protection for human rights lawyer Rommel Jonathan Duran Castellanos

2015.04.23 Pablo Segundo Ojeda Gutiérrez

2015.03.14 CPDH Erika Gomez Ardila and Nathalia Ruano and other members of the Comité Permanente por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos

2015.03.14 CPDH (Esp)

2015.03.02 Marta Giraldo Withdrawal of security measures for human rights defender Ms Martha Giraldo

2015.02.18 Martha Díaz Further threats against Martha Díaz, member of MOVICE

2015.01.20  Further threats and harassment towards members of MOVICE INGRID VERGARA, Technical Secretary of MOVICE Sucre; JULIA TORRES, leader of the process of the firm La Germany, the municipality of San Onofre; NARCIDO silgado, process leader of the farm of La Germany; ADIL MELENDEZ lawyer accompanying the victims of the Law 975 and those affected by the land restitution in the Caribbean región, also a member of MOVICESUCRE;  CANDELARIA BARRIOS, a member of MOVICE Sucre, and; ROSARIO MONTOYA, a member of the Atlantic MOVICE and a support worker of the La Alemania case.

2015.01.09 Human rights defender and MOVICE spokeswoman Diana Montilla.


2014.12.01 Threats to Juan David Diaz

2014.10.29 Threats to security of Jorge Eliécer Molano

2014.09.29 threats against Anabel Zuñiega Cespedes

2014.09.16 Letter on Arturo Portilla (esp)

2014.08.12 Letter on Ivan Lopez  (en espanol)

2014.07.16 Murder of Luis Evelio Londoño

2014.07.01 Threats to Jeison Pava

2014.06.22 Further threats to Martha Diaz and others 

2014.06.09 Continuing threats and harassment towards Ingrid Vergara and Jeison Pava

2014.05.25 Dr Jorge Eliécer Molano and Germán Romero Colombian lawyers and human rights defenders, announcing that they have been forced to suspend their work as lawyers due to the lack of guarantees for their safety. En Español

2014.05.10 Leonardo Jaimes Marín threats and harassment – En Español

2014.04.09 Letter about threats to Jeison Pava 

2014.03.16 Jorge Reales burglary and harassment

2014.03.10 Members of the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission

2014.02.22  Further threats against the MOVICE member and lawyer Martha Díaz

2014.02.15  Threats Against Political Opposition Leaders Alirio Uribe, Iván Cepeda Castro and Aida Avella

2014.02.08  Trespass and burglary into la Casa de los Derechos Humanos, Valle de Cauca

2014.01.31   Further threat against human rights defender Danilo Rueda



2013.12.20 Shots fired at Mr Rommel Durán and the Pitalito Community he represents (letter in English) (carta en español)

2013.12.20 Threats to Martha Diaz and other MOVICE members

2013.12.13 Burglary of home of MOVICE human rights lawyer, Édgar Montilla.

2013.12.01 Death Threats to Colombian lawyers Jeison_Pava

2013.11.01 Death threats against members_of_MOVICE incl lawyer Diana Montilla_

2013.11.01 Assasination of lawyers Oscar_Cortes_Baena_and_José_Lubián_Duque_Jiménez

2013.10.30 Forced eviction of Pitalito – En Espanol 

2013.10.26 Threats to Carta de preocupación Amenazas ONIC

2013.10.06 Threats to  CAJAR, the CSPP, the  Yira Castro Corporation and other members of MOVICE

2013.10.06 Murder of lawyer Edison Alberto Molina

2013.10.06  Threats to  Danilo Rueda

2013.10.01 Threats to SAN JOSE DE APARTADO Peace Community –  En Espanol 

2013.09.09 Threats to Manuel Garzon and interChurch Justice and Peace Commission 

Death threats CAJAR Aug 15 Eng Final

2013.08.19 Letter to Glencore Xstrata about death threats to lawyers and others regarding mining

2013.08.19 Letter to Anglo Gold Ashanti about death threats to lawyers and other regarding mining.

2013.08.18 Assassination of Juan Carlos Canizalez Ocampo

2013.08.15 Death threats to José Humerto Torres of the CSPP and José Alvear Restrepo Lawyers’ Collective (Cajar) [eng]

2013.07.17 Assassination of lawyers in Cauca – Sánchez Benítez, Molina Velásquez and Arias Escobar [eng] en espanol

2013.06.16 Pitalito Community and Recent Eviction Threats [eng] –  En Español 

2013.07.14 Pava and Martinez – Further death threats against MOVICE members.

2013.06.21 ASCAMCAT protests in Catatumbo and Safety of Accompanying Lawyers Eng

2013.07.01 Assassination of lawyer Andres Felipe Parra Utima 

2013.04.21 Martha Giraldo [eng]

2013.04.15 Diego Luis García Gonzalez [eng] 2013.04.15 Diego Luis García Gonzalez [español]

2013.04.02 Luis Carlos Perez Lawyers’ Collective and Peasant Farmer’s Association of Catatumbo [eng]

2013.04.02 Luis Carlos Perez Lawyers’ Collective and Peasant Farmer’s Association of Catatumbo [español]

2013.03.22 Alfamir Castillo

2013.03.17 Cali 3 lawyers

2013.03.04 Movice Yeison Pava

2013.02.11 Cali lawyers

2013.02.01 Martha Diaz [eng]  2013.02.01 Martha Diaz  [espanol]



2012.12.14 Marta Diaz

2012.11.16 Jorge Rodriguez y German Sanchez [eng]  2012.11.16 Jorge Rodriguez y German Sanchez [eng]

2012.10.31 Movie and Marta Giraldo

2012.09.15 Mr. Jhonel Cárdenas Castrillón

2012.09.14 Marta Diaz sp

2012.09.14 Barranquilla human rights defenders

2012.09.11 Judge De Dios Solano

2012.08.12 Daniel Prado [eng]  2012.08.30 Daniel Prado [español]

2012.07.31 Human rights defenders and land restitution sp

2012.07.26 Enforced disappearances [eng] 2012.07.26 despariciones forzadas  [español]

2012.06.20 Movice

2011.08.02 Yira Bolanos  [español]

2012.07.31 Human rights defenders and land restitution

2011.08.02 Yeison Pava Movice [español]