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Left, picture of Domingo José Rivas. Right, picture of his son, also a lawyer at the office of the IACHR submitting evidence for this case.

Caravana concerned about the impunity in the assassination of lawyer Domingo José Rivas Coronado

The Caravana sent a letter to the Colombian General Prosecutor concerned for the impunity regarding the assassination of human rights lawyer Domingo José Rivas Coronado. We are very concerned that there is continued impunity in the case of the murder...

Oidhaco public statement

6 peasant farmers dead and 20 injured in Tumaco on 5 October

Oidhaco and some member organisations have released a public statement on violence committed against peasant farmers protesting in Tumaco on 5th October 2016, which resulted in 6 dead and 20 injured. Land farmers were protesting against the forced eradication of coca crops and demanding the implementation of the National Comprehensive Program for the Substitution of Crops for...