Colombian Caravana Reports 2016

Report of the fifth International Caravana of Jurists to Colombia – August 2016, click on the links below to read the full report in English or Spanish:

Colombian Caravana Reports 2014

Report of the fourth Colombian Caravana – August 2014, click on the links to read the full report in English or Spanish

Judges’ report in English

During the 2014 delegation, Colombian Caravana visited 7 different regions outside of Bogotá. Read the detailed, regional reports below:

Bucaramanga report

Buenaventura Report

Cali Report

Cartagena Report

Medellin Report

Pasto Report

Santa Marta Report

Colombian Caravana Reports 2013

Colombian Caravana January – November 2013  Summary of Killings, Attacks and Threats against Lawyers in Colombia

Colombian Caravana and Bar Human Rights Committee joint intervention in class action against Carbones del Cerrejon Ltd, mining company, to protect human and environmental rights. The Amicus Curiae Brief is available in English and Spanish.

Colombian Caravana Reports 2012

Report of the third Colombia Caravana 2012  “Colombia Protecting Access to Justice”  click here   Ahora en español!

Report of the third Colombia Caravana 2012   “Judges at Risk”   to download the report  click here

Report on the Alliance for Lawyers at Risk mission to Colombia in 2012 as part of the Caravana delegation to read the report click here

Colombian Caravana Reports 2010

Report of the second International Caravana “The Legal Profession Still Under Attack”  to download the report  click here 

Colombian Caravana Reports 2008

Report of the first International Caravana “Without lawyers there is no justice. Sin abogados no hay justicia” to download the report  click here