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Read about Colombia and International Systems for Protection of Human Rights

International Crisis Group

The International Crisis Group reports on ‘Transitional Justice and Colombia’s Peace Talks’ and makes recommendations to reach a final peace agreement that is sustainable, socially and legally in its treatment of matters relating to transitional justice Read the report

United Nations 

You can read a list of Human Rights Reports together with Recommendations here. Many available in English and Spanish. This Includes:

– Annual reports on Colombia – UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

– Special Rapporteurs who have visited Colombia

– Universal Periodic Review of Colombia by the UN Human Rights Council (Colombia has recently been examined by all the UN states under this four-yearly mechanism)

– UN public communiques on this site including a recent one on the extension of Military Criminal Jurisdiction


International Criminal Court

ICC Prosecutor’s preliminary report on Colombia “Situation in Colombia. Interim Report. November 2012

Inter American Human Rights System

Hearings in the Inter-American Commission on Colombia and cases in the Inter-American Court

Annual Report Chapter Four – Colombia


2013 Report on prisoners in Spanish Situación Carcelaria CSPP

ECCHR report

The European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) submits report to the Office of the Prosecutor of the ICC calling for a formal investigation to be opened