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What is the context for lawyers in Colombia as elections loom and the peace agreement remains precarious?


Hear from Colombian lawyer, Luis Guillermo Perez from CAJAR, and from UK-based human rights lawyers about why international solidarity is as important as ever.


What can UK lawyers do? Would you like to join this year’s delegation to Colombia?


Join us to find out about the 6th Caravana delegation to Colombia


Thursday 26th April 2018
Privacy International, 62 Britton Street, EC1M 5UY
(a few mins walk from Farringdon station)

Despite the signing of the peace agreement, violence against human rights defenders, including lawyers, continues. The Caravana’s collaboration and support for our Colombian colleagues is as important as ever. Legal professionals continue to receive serious threats and inadequate protection measures. Victims continue to seek truth, justice, reparations and measures to bring an end to violations in the post-conflict context.


Camilla Graham-Wood, Co-Chair of Colombian Caravana / Legal Officer, Privacy International


· Luis Guillermo Pérez, José Alvear Restrepo Lawyers’ collective (CAJAR)
· Sue Willman, member and former Chair of Colombian Caravana / Partner, Deighton Pierce Glynn
· Charlotte Gill, Co-Chair Colombian Caravana (via video pre-record)


Important note regarding language and translation

This event will be held in English and will have translation into English where required.

Please note that the 2018 delegation to Colombia will not have translation provided and therefore proficiency in Spanish/Castellano is a requirement for participants. However, if a participant is keen to attend and does not have proficiency in Spanish/Castellano, it is possible to self-fund translation and this can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


We would appreciate your donation of between £2 and £5 to help cover the costs of hosting the event. Each attendee will be offered a glass of wine or soft drink.