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2012 International Caravana of Lawyers

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In August 2012 the 3rd international delegation of the Caravana visited Colombia with 42 Lawyers and judges from Canada, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Spain and the UK. The delegation met with ACADEHUM to monitor and report again on the situation of Colombian lawyers and judges in six high risk regions of the country.

The delegation received evidence from lawyers under threat who need protection to ensure that they can carry out their professional work without intimidation, harassment or fear…

To download the report “Judges at Risk” click here

To download the report of the third Colombia Caravana 2012  “Colombia Protecting Access to Justice” click here

2010 International Caravana of Lawyers

In August 2010, 57 lawyers from 15 countries* travelled to Colombia to participate in the Second International Caravana of Lawyers. Participating delegates came from a variety of legal backgrounds and included judges, prosecutors, corporate, criminal defence and human rights lawyers and legal academics.

The mission was organised by the Colombian Caravana UK Lawyers Group and Lawyers Without Borders Canada. The report of this mission was launched on 25 May 2011.

To download the report “The legal profession – still under attack” click here

*Argentina, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Guatemala, Ireland, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, Peru, Spain, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States of America.

2008 International Caravana of Lawyers

In January 2008, the Colombian Association of Defence Lawyers “Eduardo Umaña Mendoza” (Asociación colombiana de abogados defensores “Eduardo Umaña Mendoza”, ACADEUM, www.acadeum.org), an umbrella organisation of Colombian human rights lawyers, with the support of Lawyers Without Borders Canada, invited foreign lawyers to Colombia to report on the killings, threats and harassment to which human rights advocates are routinely subjected.

This call to action led to the first International Caravana of Lawyers in August 2008. No Justice Without Lawyers, the report of the 2008 Delegation, outlines the primary findings, conclusions and recommendations of the legal observation mission, which was comprised of 51 lawyers from Europe, Canada and Latin America.

To download the report “Without lawyers no justice” click here